Model train news

EMRCA Inc. has taken out an option with North Adams Redevelopment Authority for the private purchase of Heritage Park.  The option (one year for a nonrefundable $20,000, extendable for another year at $30,000) reportedly calls for a final purchase price of $1.2 million, and includes the adjacent Sons of Italy parcel, where the new model train museum will be sited.

With the property secured, the raising of private capital will be facilitated, and insofar as another newly-opened model train attraction in New York City is comparable, it shows that raising a reported $40 million is possible.  North Adams is not Times Square, admittedly, but it has merits and virtues to attract visitors, and will soon have a good deal more.  And in scale, detail, artistry, and program, EMRCA will be a different creation altogether.

I gave Gulliver’s Gate a preview write-up last month, but by now it has opened officially to many media reports.  Stories, pictures, and video can be found at these sites:  CNET,  CBSFortune, Architects Newspaper.  I repeat that this miniature extravaganza is simultaneously proof of concept for EMRCA, and no competition at all, demonstrating the viability of the project and also its inherently unique merits.