The MacroMicroCosm

Blogging means no bright idea need go to waste, so I making this post to establish my bona fides as an independent – and suitably skeptical – observer of my longtime friend Tom Krens and his vision for EMRCA and North Adams as a whole.  While I rely largely on testimony straight from the horse’s mouth, this blog is neither authorized puff piece nor unauthorized tell-all.  My aim is neither sycophancy nor exposé.

I’ve harassed Tom several times about the acronym he’s stuck on, which I find unsayable, unmemorable, and unexplanatory, but he’s not budging.  Here on my own turf, however, I get to call the attraction, at least this once, by my own denomination.  So I’m making a marketing pitch for the place as I imagine it to be, once Tom’s vision is manifest.  Consider this my own little take on Tom’s big plans.

The MacroMicroCosm:

An Extreme Museum of Model Railroading & Modern Architecture

IT’S MACRO!  It’s an immensely immersive display of large O-Scale (1:48) models of many masterpieces – masterpieces of modern architecture in imposing scale and detail; masterpieces of engineering in massive all-brass locomotives, precisely detailed in impressive kinetic reproduction; vast landscapes and cityscapes rendered with mastery of fine-grained imaging technology.  It’s big and bold and mesmerizing.

IT’S MICRO!  It’s a world in miniature, down to the tiniest detail, a small world of expanded vision, brought up close to encompass the viewer, and to reveal hidden secrets of the built and natural environment.  Sized to a child’s sense of wonder, it opens up a universe of inquiry and exploration.  It brings big ideas into approachable scope.

IT’S COSMIC!  It’s a world unto itself, unique and incomparable.  It’s a cosmos, a created whole where everything fits.  Enter and you are swept away, into an entirely different dimension of space and time.  Take a god’s-eye view, and engage in your own world-building, while marveling at what art, nature, and technology have wrought.

Blending theme park sensorium with museum-level curation, The MacroMicroCosm is a singular world, unique in the world.  You’ve never seen anything like it.  Nobody has.

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