EMRCA to a fare-thee-well

More than a year has elapsed since my last report, but the effort of Thomas Krens – director emeritus of the Guggenheim Foundation and principal of Global Cultural Asset Management – to remake North Adams into a world-class cultural destination has not lapsed at all.  Now I’ll only say a parting word of encouragement and good wishes, and then hand off the reporting of further developments to GCAM’s enhanced digital media department.

Though I’ve been removed from developments over the past year (nothing could be more woefully out of date than the EMRCA model in the header; click here to see current design in situ), and lately it might have seemed that the pandemic and associated economic shocks would put an end to the major cultural and economic development planned for downtown North Adams.

But no, the dream lives on.  Last fall saw the consolidation of EMRCA  offices from Heritage Park, and GCAM offices from NYC, into the former Sleepy’s Mattress store on Main Street, where the windows  look out on the world and in from the local community.  The large display space offers ample room for detailed scale models of the North Adams project, and wall-sized illustrations of GCAM projects around the world, as well as space to scale up staff as needed.  (See more about that move and other recent news in the latest EMRCA Newsletter.)

And the existing staff continues hard at work despite the limitations of quarantine and restricted travel.  Investment efforts have been hampered under current conditions, but design and technical innovations continue to advance.  Keep up with the latest developments at the official EMRCA website.