The Model

[Update as of December 2016:  The model shown here has been superseded in more ways than I can enumerate at this point, but I leave it here for the historical record.  There are now models now under construction which are altogether larger, in every dimension, more detailed and spectacular, than what is pictured here.  Check back with X-RR for an illustrated tour as soon as the new models are ready for presentation, and for news of further “trainsformations” as take shape.]


In this context, “The Model” can refer to many things, but first of all, it denotes the model of EMRCA pictured here, a miniature of a miniature world, but at 16-feet long it does convey an impression of the dimensions and features of the museum-to-be, which in O-Scale will consistently represent the real world at 1/48, one inch equaling four feet.


Here you get a sense of the length of the building – more than two football fields.  In the center are the three dining cars of the attached restaurant.  To the right is representation of a real train going by on working tracks – plans call for overhead doors to slide open when real trains go by.
An overhead view of northern end of building, with replicas of NYC landmarks such as Empire State Building and Freedom Tower.
An interior view that shows scale of display.
Detail of control panel, a central attraction in its own right.
This overhead view from the south end of the building shows glass entrance atrium, the long stretch from existing roof-trussed building to cathedral-ceiling extension, the three-dining-car restaurant, and in proper scale the real train and tracks running alongside. Take note of the HO-gauge train at far right, to appreciate the scale and detail of O-gauge in comparison.
Entrance atrium detail. Ticketing and other support functions in another building.
Detail of south end display
Detail of architectural model of North Adams
Just north of entrance, showing digital command center, roundhouse, railyard, and interactive educational kiosks.
View of New York Skyline at north-end high-point of building.